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The Crabs Claw Inn
Lavallette, NJ 08735J
Tel: (732) 793-4447

Menu ☰

601 Grand Central Ave.
Lavallette, NJ
(732) 793-4447

Kitchen Hours
Sunday - Thursday
Open until 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday Until 10:00pm
Happy Hour
Sun - Thurs
10am - Closing
Friday 10am - 7pm
Bar Open Till 1:30am

One thing most of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean County New Jersey have in common is a great wine list and The Crab's Claw Inn is no exception. We offer a wide selection of wines by the glass, a selection diverse enough to find something to pair with any menu you item you choose. Try the crisp, citrusy Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc with your seafood dish or a rich, delicious Camelot Cabernet with a more hearty beef dish. We also offer an extensive bottled wine list for you to select the perfect wine for your palette. Our wine selection places us at the top of many lists of Ocean County New Jersey seafood restaurants. Trying to decide among seafood restaurants in Ocean County NJ to celebrate? We also offer sparkling wine and champagnes, perfect to celebrate that special occasion.

601 Grand Central Ave.
Lavallette, NJ
(732) 793-4447

Are you ready to truly tour the world of beer at one of the best bars in Lavallette New Jersey? Then you’ve come to the right place, The Crab’s Claw Inn. We have a massive list of 99 Beers not just from America, not just from Europe, but from all over the world. What better way to learn to fully appreciate so many different beers than in the good hands of the amazing bartenders that make us so popular among Lavallette NJ bars? Our bartenders will learn your name, learn your taste, and guide you expertly through our 99 beers. Make your way all the way around the world and back and 99 beers later you’ll be recognized as a true beer explorer and a member of our 99 beer club. A seat is always open for you to start or continue your journey at one of the best Lavallette bars.